NZ Fashion Weekend:
Pop-Up Garage Sale 2017

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd, September 2017.



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NZ Fashion Weekend: Designer Pop-Up Garage Sale 2017

DATE: Saturday 2nd September – Sunday 3rd, September 2017.
TIME: Saturday 10am – 7pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm
VENUE: ANZ Viaduct Events Centre – Level 2 and 3

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The Designer Garage Sale is a fun day out – grabbing some bargains from New Zealand’s favourite designers.

The Designer Garage Sale is one of Auckland’s greatest shopping experiences. Bringing together many of our leading labels into one sale, there are loads of bargains, one-offs, samples and end-of-line items, all at heavily discounted prices. Each sale is unique.

Not to be missed, the Designer Garage Sale is the perfect opportunity to shop for top designer labels at amazing prices, all under one roof! Major credit-cards (except for Diners), eftpos and cash all accepted. Our central till system means all your purchases can be paid on a simple credit-card transaction.

When is the Designer Garage Sale?

Dates of the sale are:
September 2017, Saturday 2nd, 10am – 7pm and Sunday 3rd, 10am – 4pm

Where is the Designer Garage Sale?

The Designer Garage Sale is being held at the in the heart of Auckland City at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre – Level 2 and 3, close to vibrant bars and restaurants.

What designers are on sale this year?

A list of confirmed designers is will be coming through shortly.

What products will be on sale?

The Designer Garage Sale will feature a wide range of brands and products ranging from womenswear and menswear to footwear, accessories and jewellery.

Can I see some previews of what will be on sale?

Yes, our main blog posts will be documenting some of the amazing products our designers are offering for this year’s Designer Garage Sale.

Isn’t the sale filled with only small or odd sizes?

There are all kinds of sizes at the sale. Many of these garments are samples, which means they aren’t in multiple sizes, but there is also a lot of stock is available in full size ranges.  In addition we have deliberately selected a mix of designers, covering the scope of items for all sizes, ages and styles. There’s something for everyone.

Is it only womenswear?

Not at all! There is an amazing range of items for men and even kids as well as womenswear and unisex items. It is well worth bringing your man or preparing to shop ‘til you drop on his behalf.

Is clothing the only items sold at the sale?

The sale has designer products of all different types, from shoes to bags, hosiery to cosmetics, sunglasses to fragrances, magazines to jewellery.

What kind of discount can we expect?

There is a great deal of variation; most products are a minimum of 50% off retail, but some are at cost, which is around 70% off normal retail. There will be some current items just on the market and these have a smaller discount – but you still get the benefit of great new items at brilliant prices.

How does the shopping system work?

The Designer Garage Sale as like a mini department store with central checkouts.


  • go to any ’boutique’ at the sale and try on some items
  • select your purchases and get them set aside for you – a receipt is written for the goods and you are given two copies (important – make sure you keep BOTH safe)
  • continue shopping – collecting receipts as you go, until you’re ready to check out
  • take ALL your assembled receipts to one of the checkouts and they will add up your purchases
  • you’ll be given back one of your receipts for each purchase and an eftpos receipt to take back to the Boutiques, where they’ll give you your purchases and clip the receipts to the bags
  • once you’ve collected all your items, you can head out through security

If you have any questions – just ask one of our Designer Garage team.


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